About Warthog Promotions

Warthog Promotions was established in 2005 by Mike & Jacky Hoare and Peter Hunt, all residents of Lowdham, due to their love of the excitement and enjoyment provided by live music. They were keen to give the residents of Lowdham, surrounding villages and further afield the opportunity to enjoy quality performances at reasonable prices, without the need to visit big cities and large venues. After ten years, Peter Hunt decided to stand down in 2015, being replaced by Alan Harris. Alan is hugely keen on his music and chose Lowdham to live in when he moved to the area because of the live music programme.

Initially aiming to promote four concerts in each calendar year, the venture has grown to the extent that around six times that number are now staged each year, these concerts being held predominantly in Lowdham Village Hall and the Old Ship Inn. We are fortunate to be able to have St Mary’s Church available as a third venue, when a suitable opportunity arises.

2015 saw the 200th concert take place. These concerts have featured folk, blues, pop, western swing, blues-rock, jazz and much more besides.